Bookkeeping or particularly, good record-keeping, will increase the business success since it helps to monitor the business progress and keep track of financial resourses and expenses. The purpose of bookeeping for a business may vary, but generally it should accurately reflect the business operation in a certain period of time while compliances are always on the first place. We, in American Financial Management Group - Bookkeeping Service, have specialized in accounting and business for years to offer you our bookkeeping service. Our practice adopt the client-oriented benefits in managerial accounting while strictly following GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) compliance (if applicable) and / or tax compliance.

Our timely, efficient bookkeeping service are available for small business at all size. Computerized accounts are prepared, saved and presented for you review on a quarterly, monthly, and/or annual basis. Budgeting and forecasting support are also available. We have Client Area where you can scan and easily upload your invoices/documents for us to up date and record your daily business operating.

With the concept that bookeepping is the first step, but important, to build your business information to law compliance and growth, our mission, as real accountants, is to assist you in this progress.

We support major accounting programs; However, QuickBooks is prefered. As well-trained and QB-certified accountants, we professionally provide clients bookkeeping services through QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Desktop (QBD).

QuickBooks Online (QBO): We accept clients from anywhere in the country.  If you want the direct owner taking care of your QBO as ACCOUNTANT, please send invitation to email This email is for accountant request on QBO version only. If you are confused of which version of QBO fit to your needs, don't hesitate to contact us via other emails or phone / fax on this website. 

QuickBooks Desktop-Based: From basically recording your business transactions to taking the role as your full-charge bookkeeper, we provide quality, affordable bookkeepping plans for your business. Please see Plans for details.


** Note: a) We have a convenient and secured file-transfer facility in this website. Once you are our client, you can send us your documents (such as invoices or tax information) anytime; b) We maintain our license(s) and appropriate liability insurance(s) on all the services we offer !