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SEAL Interview Sheet

Please download and fill-out this form before coming or remotely contacting firm for tax preparation.

Firm's FaceBook Page

This FaceBook site shows the latest information about tax and accounting. This is also the fastest way to interact with our firm.

Tax Links

Where Is My Refund?

Check your federal refund status here. Remember, this is only for federal. You have to check your state(s) if you have refund(s) from your state(s).

Where Is My California Refund?

Check your California refund Status here.

Where's My Amended Return?

After you mailed your Form 1040X-Amended Tax Return, please check this website for the status.


Firm Previous Google Website

Created in 2011, this site includes information about the foundations of accounting and previous firm's service. The link "Useful Links and News" on the main page provides other information you should not miss when visiting.