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Tax Preparation:

For INDIVIDUALS (Major Form: 1040 (or 1040 EZ/A)):  Basic Federal and State for $60 (Form 1040, if 1040A or 1040EZ applied, $60). If you file other than the basic, the price added will be:  Schedule A (Itemized Deductions): $45, Schedule B (Interest/Ordinary Dividends): $5 / $10; Schedule C (Small Business): $90/$135; Schedule D (Capital Gain/Loss): $5 per items with $10 minimum & $60 maximum; Schedule E (Rental Income): $60/$30; Form EIC: $20; Form 8962: $20; Schedule F (Farm Business): $90;  Other misc. credit/reduced liability forms basically are $5/$10 per form.

Generally, a NORMAL Tax Return Preparation with e-file (if applicable) for Federal and State should not exceed $299. Discount or Flat fee only (such as $60.00 per return) could be applied in certain customers, areas or with combining with other services.

For BUSINESSES (Forms: 1065, 1120, 1120s, 990) or Others : May add 100% (double) on the individuals' price.

***** Note 1: For individuals, to start, please fill out the SEAL Interview Form (Please click on the link or find the form on the Links tab). All tax preparation service include Service Guarantee Package, which:
1. Cover revisions (file Form 1040X), if necessarry, any time during the year, without any other cost.
2. Represent the client before the IRS on the filed return in three years without any other cost. This offer applies only if the case is in good faith, and for clients residing within 50 miles from the office. If farther, it depends on certain cases.
3. Keep a copy of your record for four years and be available for your inquiry.
4. Give FREE tax advice during the year after filing.
***** Note 2: All prices and above guarantees are subject to change and are at the discretion of the firm.

***** Note 3: Flexible fee payments available, including installments.

Tax Planning:

Accept clients all year round. Fees are based on purposes or possible outcomes. May start with $100 and/or $100 / hour later with 1 hour minimum. Rate is subject to change and is negotiable.

Tax Problem Resolution:

Accept clients all year round. Fees: Based on specific case and agreement, will be subject to a percentage of tax savings or refunds; a minimum charge of $100 / $200 to open a case would be applied.


Whether for a short-term or long-term, we offer you designed packages based on your internal, financial or compliant needs. Called us for an intake interview; we will send you a detailed proposal shortly after that.


Traditional Bookkeeping:

Plans: Lead ($109 per month), Bronze ($209 per month), Silver ($419 per two-weeks), Gold ($699 per week)(**)
Lead: Journal Entries/Revisions, Bank Statement / Credit Card Reconciliation, Recording and Classifying Expenses, Supervising bookkeeping staff (if existing); Bronze: Including the Lead plan and the followings: Recording and Classifying Incomes, Maintaining Chart of Accounts (COAs), adjusting year-end balance sheet, meeting (phone/onsite) with owner / bookkeeping staff once per month; Silver: Including the Bronze plan and the followings: Entering bills and paying small bills (with prior approvals) in a two-week period, entering invoice / sending collection emails, recieving A/R payments, reconciliation of inventory, paypal/merchant accounts, payroll processing (+$2 / employee per month from the fifth employee) and payroll tax filings, support by emails 24/7 if having questions. Gold: Including Silver plan and the followings: Paying bills with prior approvals, sales tax payment and reports, quarterly financial statements(*) or reports and quarterly analyses with improvement suggestions, income tax preparation readiness.

Online Bookkeeping:

QuickBooks Online (QBO) plans: Our service plans are based exactly on the the possible functions and scopes of the QBO software guideline (please see: Our bookkeeping service price list per month for small businesses are: $65 (Simple Start), $135 (Essentials), $199 (Plus). $60 added if including payroll, plus $5 per employee and material costs (paper checks, for example) from 3rd employee. Addition to small business plans, self-employed plan is $45 per month (may add payroll with the same price of small business). All plans included software purchase (***). GAAP or Tax Compliance may be advised as added service where applicable at no charge(*).

Disclaimer: (*) GAAP compliance is not intended for the use of third party. (**) Plans are applied to small business only; Some limitations (such as number of bank/credit card accounts) may apply; Details and prices on each plan may be different and subject to change. (***) If you bought / signed up the software by yourself, your service price is reduced at a regular price stated on the Quickbooks website.







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